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Originally Posted by Tarant View Post
Damn dude that's impressive, I am looking at getting a 308 for some long range play but nothing that far. I love southern Oregon but having an open area to shoot farther than 600 yards is hard to come by, honestly that is the only thing keeping me away from the bigger calibers.
.308 Winchester is a great cartridge and under the right conditions, a 168 gr can probably make 1000 yards - just barely. It will drop below supersonic at just a bit over 1000 yards. All depending on environmental factors, of course.

If you're happy at 800 yards, .308 is probably the way to go for a lot of reasons.

A more reasonable cartridge for 1000 yards might be a 7mm Mag or a .300 Win Mag. Given an adequate muzzle brake, these might be fairly pleasant to shoot. I know that my .308 with a Darrel Holland brake is an absolute joy to shoot.

Watch the discussion on caliber selection here:

If you're thinking that a muzzle brake may somehow upset the bullet trajectory, forget about it. My 20" Rem 700 .308 will shoot as tight as a 0.2"W x 0.05"H group at 100 yards! The reason the group is wider than high is due to the wind. It is much more likely that I shoot a little less than 1/2 MOA. With the muzzle brake! And a box-stock gun...

After watching the video, I think I know which rifle is next on my 'gotta have it' list!

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