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Originally Posted by 97harley View Post
I'm fairly new to the sport, about 18 months and was just asking for an opinion, lol
Please review the other thread we did last week (linked above). The subject tends to drift toward just plain nasty. You won't find a bit of support for the concept around here.

There are other guns that may be more appropriate for nightstand duty (in my opinion) like Sigs. The long double action pull on the first shot takes care of the "oops the safety is off" situation with a 1911 or the lack of a blocking safety on the Glocks.

I have 1911s, Sigs and Glocks but I have a G36 on my nightstand along with a spare mag.

And two defense dogs...

Here's another thought: It's your gun, if you want to install a manual safety, go for it. Don't expect to find any support for the idea and don't mention it on GT. Just get it done and be happy. So what if it lessens the value of your Glock? It's just a cheap beater gun. As to whether it damages the gun? Well, nightstand guns don't always get a very high round count.

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