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Are you going to carry it or just on the nightstand? I would just leave a round out of the chamber if you have kids and lock it up if necessary when not carried. Or buy an Hk with a safety/decicker.
My daughter is almost 18 and it's not her I'm concerned about. I keep the G21 for a nightstand gun and just got to thinking it might be nice to have a safety in case I go to grab something on the nightstand half asleep etc. I have a couple of Kahr's and a G19 that I carry regularly and wouldn't consider this for any of them. I shoot a 1911 in our weekly combat shoot at the range I belong to due to it's nicer trigger, single action etc. but don't use one as my EDC. I'm fairly new to the sport, about 18 months and was just asking for an opinion, lol
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