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Originally Posted by Wyoming View Post
I hope they didn't charge you a lot. I think what you paid was for parts at H&K prices.

As I stated after I found the parts I changed them out myself. It is no different skills level then doing a complete disassembly of a 1911 then putting back new parts.

Most other gun company would sell you the parts or send in the gun and free or minimal charge.

I side with OP. If the gun is OK with a certain suppressors than it should be with other quality suppressors. H&K told OP to replace part after 2,000 rounds.

If OP had used a Glock for his suppressor none of this would have happen.

Can you imangage if other pistol manufactures told the owners of their products to replace a part every 2000 rounds?

H&K make good stuff but not super great that they are worth buying over what other gun company offer.

I paid for there expertise. I have know intention of putting a trigger in my carry gun myself. I would rather pay and let experts do it and that's exactly who works at HK. I own ALOT of pistols Including 21 Glocks. To me there is no comparison when I pick up my P30 40 Light LEM and my Glock 23 Gen 4. The Quality of the HK for me not only feels better but shoots better . Just my opinion.
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