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I'm not sure what to make of the OP's experience.
I'm new to supressors, but this is the only instance I've read about where a manufacturer has voided a warranty because of the wrong one. The relatively low round count before parts upgrades is new to me too.
I recently got nailed by not knowing the exact terms of a "warranty" (thank you Nighthawk) so know how frustrating that can be. I would have been especially frustrated with a firearm that needed more maintenance and parts replacements than what I am used to. Kind of like not warrantying a safety (Nighthawk) Sorry, but I had to.
I also just purchased an FN Tactical with an Osprey, and after reading your post I decided to read the warranty for the first time. Nope, I didn't learn my lesson from Nighthawk. The FN doesn't list any strange exclusions or maintenance schedules.
Glad I didn't buy the H&K 45 I was considering.
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