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Anyone Done a HOME CUSTOM JOB on a Pardner Pump or the IAC HAWK Series??

Hey all,

I've been seeing some pretty good deals lately on the Pardner Pump shotguns and the IAC HAWKS, the 981 and 982. I have handled both of them and they felt great. Some say the HAWKs are a tad too heavy, but I didn't think that.

Anyway, I have been thinking of picking one up for cheap when I find a good USED one and turning it into a HD shotgun. I wondered if anyone else has done this or has thought about doing it? I am told that nearly all of the accessories that are available for the Remington 870 will fit on any of these models except for barrels. The barrels are also pretty inexpensive should you need one too.

One model that I have thought about quite a bit is the Pardner Pump Youth 20 gauge. It has black synthetic furniture, 21 inch VR barrel with choke tubes, hold 5+1 too. It looks like it would make a great HD shotgun. The only thing I would do is try to find a 1 or 2 shot extension and a light mount.

What do you all think about these shotguns as a base for a good HD shotgun? Ever wanted to do it? If you have, how about telling about it, your results and experiences and recommendations. Also, include PICS of your build.

I figure if I can pick one up for $100 or slightly more, why not give it a try and see how things turn out? At worst I might end up with a shotgun to use on hog hunts.

What'cha think?


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