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Originally Posted by Hamilton Burger View Post
What does you rental agreement say? Is parking first-come-first-served, or reserved for tenants?

If reserved, does it mean any tenant can park anywhere, or are spots assigned? I would hope that each apt. gets a space, and anybody needing extra could pay additional, or work something out with a non-driving tenant.

At any rate, it seems owner/management needs to create more handicapped parking... check local ordinance, it may be required of them.
Parking is basically one space per apartment, numbered and assigned. This guy was using his assigned space for the vehicle he drives, and storing his second vehicle in the only handicapped spot. I'll be talking to manager about it Monday, but her past performance doesn't inspire confidence.

ETA: ADA requirement, as I understand it, is one handicapped per 25 spaces, up to 100, then 1 per fifty after that, up to some large number. Not sure how many spaces the place has, total, but I will be finding out.
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