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Ridiculous parking feud.

Apologies in advance for the long OP.

Ok, so, some back story...

I'm living on a tight budget, doing the back to school thing. About a year ago, I moved into a very inexpensive apartment in a neighborhood most charitably described as "colorful". Lots of section eight neighbors. I am also disabled, my hips are prosthetic, and I have a disabled parking placard. Several of my family and friends likewise have placards, and have even more trouble getting around than I do. The complex I'm in has all reserved parking, and street parking is fairly limited. There is only one disabled parking space in the front lot.

Soon after moving in, I noticed that a certain individual was utilizing (monopolizing) the handicapped space to permanently store a second vehicle he rarely, if ever, drove. I complained, repeatedly, to the property manager, but no obvious action was taken in the following eight months.

Early this month, I came to the further realization that the placard in their (non-used) vehicle was several months expired, and that they were (probably) using their current placard with the vehicle they actually drive, to park in disabled spaces elsewhere.

I called the towing company. The manager was reluctant to have them towed, and more inclined to give them yet another friendly warning to ignore. I pitched a medium-sized fit over it. (Yeah, maybe I shouldn't have, but this guy really irritates me.) She promised action. Later that day the offending vehicle disappeared. I don't know whether he was warned or towed.

So now, I have parked in the space occasionally, as have many others. There has been a bizarre plague of flat tires on vehicles parked in the handicapped space. It has happened to me once so far, (no leak in tire. Was completely flat, held air when refilled, no slow leak. Someone obviously took off valve-stem cover, let the air out, and replaced valve stem cover.), and I've seen it twice on someone else's vehicle. Newish, good shape tires in both cases.

I just finished leaving the vehicle owner presently parked there a note with my number on it, hopefully it will reach them and not the A-hole doing this, but that's a 50/50 bet. I want at least one other resident backing me when I talk to manager to improve odds of her taking me seriously.

I could just give up, but at this point, it's become a matter of principle. Even putting my needs aside, he's doing this to other disabled people who dare to park in 'his' space. I do not have the time for a stake out, and certainly don't wish to waste LEOs time with this petty crap, even assuming they'd be willing (or able) to do anything. I don't expect my manager to be particularly effective, though I'm going to try. Other steps I've thought of include buying a portable compressor (though this only helps me, other people would still be screwed) and rigging up some kind of trail-cam or similar.

So, this is a ridiculous, juvenile, absurd problem to have, but it is the problem in front of me. Any ideas, guys?

Would you stop parking there? What about other people who aren't aware of problem? I feel, at this point, that its my mess to clean up, somehow.
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