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Originally Posted by Ducowti View Post
The officer did not (appear to) reload after emptying his weapon, understandable considering his tunnel vision[/URL]
It's really important to train the way you fight. IMHO, too much emphasis is place on qualification and this emphasis could needlessly lead to preventable death and injury. If in qualification magazines are staged for the COF, its reinforced that the gun is reloaded only when it runs dry and not during a loll. Additionally, I don't know if the officer ever conducted a "safety circle" but it is wise to incorporate the "safety circle" into the routine as multiple bad guys could be present. Lastly, @ around 3:14 in the video, it appears that at least two of the "backup" officers are in the line of fire of the primary officers pistol, watch out for setting yourself or others up for a cross fire situation.
All in all, the officer did a great job responding to the situation presented to him. I feel any errors made are indicative of systematic training issues.
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