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Originally Posted by itstime View Post
My only story is I'm a lefty also. Had the urge for a USPc9 in V2 for me. Couldn't find one anywhere.

Thought I would call them to see if they could order one or make one and get it to me through legal channels.

Answer. No

Option: go buy one in V1. Send it to them on my dime. Charge me labor and parts to switch it over. Really!!!!!
Or find one on Gun Broker.

Four of five H&K pistols are Gun Broker and the other I bought off a neighbor. All used so H&K didn't make any money. This wasn't done out of spite just worked out that way.

You can also find H&K safeties in eBay sometime.

Ran into a left hand only once at a gun store. I have a couple of right hand safeties. Owner would not trade even or sell his left hand only at a decent price. He is no longer in business.

BTW, one is a P7 squeeze cocker, works out well right or left hand as is. This is German Police surplus to go along with the Walther P5 and SIG P6.
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