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Believe it or not they are getting better. They at least talked to you. Improvement.

They fixed it and had it back to you in seven days. Big improvement.

They charged you for repair where other manufactures would not have.

In the mid 1970's I bought a H&K 91 with polygonal barrel. At the time it was a .50 cent additional option. I like it well enough that I bought the collapsible stock and a lot of accessories for both rifles. A year went by and I finally got through to someone. He said they don't offer the polygonal barrel any more. They held up everything for something that was never going to happen!

They gave me an extra 20 round magazine at the time cost $12.50 and were aluminum.

When the plastic tip on the cocking handle broke I had to buy it. I don't remember what it cost but can you say "farganugen".

When I wanted an ambidextrous safety for a 45 USPc because I am left handed they would not sell me one. This was pre internet and I had to make several long distance calls to locate. This was when a long distance phone call was so much the first minute to start and by the minute there after.

I sold the H&K 91 rifles years ago because H&K or anyone else ever came up with a ambidextrous safety. I don't miss them.

I have five H&K pistols that I bought used. I am please with them but they are safe queens.
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