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Open Carry holster - ALS vs. Reflex?

For those that OC, I have seen good reviews on the Safariland ALS design. Uncle Mike's has their Reflex holster that I've been looking at as well.

I'm not sure I like the idea of the twist to unlock functionality of the Reflex. It's cited as natural draw movement, but it locked for someone grabbing your gun. However I think of someone coming up behind you and either striking you and taking your weapon as your body responds to the blow or perhaps a quick grab attempt from behind. In either case, I wonder whether their motion would be close enough to that 'natural drawing' motion to unlock the weapon.

On the ALS, I think it would be a little slower than the Reflex. with any holster, you should practice, practice, perhaps that's a non-issue. Any opinions on the ALS from those that own one?

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