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Originally Posted by sciolist View Post
I'd put my STi up against pretty much any "muscle" car on a road course. Although it's not a hatch, and even the Sciolist doesn't want to get into bench racing on GT. :-)
I've tracked my WRX a couple times and almost never got passed. Not because it's the fastest thing out there, there's plenty of faster cars, but because it's one of the most forgiving and easiest cars to drive fast. After the first few laps sliding sideways at 100mph and steering with the throttle while carrying on a conversation about the finer points of driving technique was no big thing. Something I'd really be scared to do in a much "faster" RWD car.

Kind of like the test Superbike did a few years back where they took a n00b rider, an experienced street rider, a recreational tracker, and a pro rider and put them on a 600, a 750, a liter bike, and a full race bike for timed laps. Nearly all of them were faster on the smaller bikes except for the pro. The ability to flog the 600 with impunity won out over the extra power of the 1k monsters for all the riders except the pro.
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