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Hot Hatches! (And other sporty economical cars)

The recent Fiat Abarth vs Ford Focus ST thread inspired me to start this. Let's talk about cars that are economical to purchase, get reasonably good mpg's, and have a performance aspect and are fun to drive.

About a week ago we traded a 2010 VW GTI for a 2014 Focus ST. The GTI was a good car. Fun to drive, averaged about 26 mpg with mixed driving but I'm really impressed with this Focus. Ford has really done a nice job on this car. Great quality so far, and much more fun to drive than the gti. Great power and handling.

We briefly considered a brz/ frs but they're just to small for us. Also the Fiesta ST. They get great milagr and I'm sure are a blast to drive but are pretty small. The Golf R looks great but just to expensive for a small hatch IMO, at least for me.

Ford has done a nice job on the fost and fist and has them priced very competitively.

What cars do you own or are interested in that fit this niche?
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