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Originally Posted by W420Hunter View Post
First of wow there are a lot of people up this late. Next it is bow season so bet there is no gun. Last I do not even know who the farmer is. He had a agreement with my grandfather to farm it and not even my mom knows who it is.
It's not as late on the west coast. Imagine it's even earlier in Hawaii. Arrows will make you dead. Poachers often carry guns, even in bow season. Pretend there were no deer. No animals. All you know is that a man with a weapon is sneaking around the land where your family sleeps. If you wanted advice on respecting his uniqueness, you picked a weird forum. The guy is trespassing. I don't know what the law is in Ohio, but "armed trespass" is a felony, here in Cali. If it were me, I would be alarmed, and, I would... Phrased carefully... Utilize every legally available resource to secure my family's safety against this obvious and eminent threat. JMO.
"The nation that makes a great distinction between its scholars and its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools." Thucydides, Greek Historian

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