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Originally Posted by W420Hunter View Post
Ok so I was taking my dog for his romp with his friends at the dog park today. As I drove out my drive way I see a truck parked at the service road that is about 50 yards off my land. When I get home I see it is still there. So curiosity got the better of me and I took a walk. Part of my land is woods and part of it is farmed. The wooded area is surrounded by plowed land so it jets out like a peninsula. As I get to the far side I see the ladder on my tree and 2 stands. It's less than 30 mins before dark and I can see the truck pulling out. So what do I do? Do I try to be nice and hope he is not an a $$ about it or do I go right to the game warden and have them take care of it? I do not want to be a dick about it he may assume it's the farmers land who farms about 2 acres of my land. On the other hand he may know he is trespassing and it could get ugly fast.
Talk to the farmer first, see if he knows the truck and if they are supposed to be on his land. If he says they are ok and just don't know the property line, have him show them. If he doesn't know them, call the cops/game warden.


A no hunting/no trespassing sign where they can't miss it going from where they parked to where they were hunting will either stop them, or let you know that law enforcement is definitely the way to go.

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