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Trespassing Hunter

Ok so I was taking my dog for his romp with his friends at the dog park today. As I drove out my drive way I see a truck parked at the service road that is about 50 yards off my land. When I get home I see it is still there. So curiosity got the better of me and I took a walk. Part of my land is woods and part of it is farmed. The wooded area is surrounded by plowed land so it jets out like a peninsula. As I get to the far side I see the ladder on my tree and 2 stands. It's less than 30 mins before dark and I can see the truck pulling out. So what do I do? Do I try to be nice and hope he is not an a $$ about it or do I go right to the game warden and have them take care of it? I do not want to be a dick about it he may assume it's the farmers land who farms about 2 acres of my land. On the other hand he may know he is trespassing and it could get ugly fast.
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