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Originally Posted by BobRicks View Post
Checked again this morning and the status says "Your gun has been sent back to you". I have not received any emails from Springfield giving tracking information like they said they would.

Maybe I will get it back this week!
After it turns to that status, you'll more than likely get an e-mail with the tracking number with-in 24 hours. Mine was received on 9/3 9:58am and is a bi-tone 45acp, but it still only shows as received. Some people over at XDTalk already have their XDS back in hand and some where from 9/4 received dates. I really don't think they're necessarily doing them in order as received as in order they hit the repair benches.

One guy at XDTalk said SA called him to make sure to refuse a package because they sent him the wrong gun. They told him to refuse it when it arrived and they for some reason don't have a tracking number for it. It could be anyone's really, but it's probably mine.

Reports show heavier pulls, gritty trigger resets while some claim little difference in the trigger pull weight. All I know is the problems with this recall have been piling up and continue to do so. I liked the gun, but my G26 is now my main carry piece so I can't wait to get the XDS back so I can put the funds toward something else.

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