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Originally Posted by Dennis in MA View Post
I tell everyone when I have donuts for bfst, too. Of course, they aren't those nasty things from Dunkies or the supermarket. Real, fresh made donuts. I'm not spilling the beans, I'm celebrating!
I love donuts. Was just in the grocery store with my son. Let him pick about $3 worth of junk food. PEZ (Darth Maul), and a bag of chips was his pick. Then we hit the donut isle. He waffled for a while, then decided to keep his original picks

I was getting weak in the knees. Could see me and him easily downing a dozen in the car.

Mostly I've been good on my diet, and not hungry. No cravings. But lingering in the donut isle, with those fresh smells there, the tasty donuts an arm's reach away, and my son taking his sweet time deciding if he wants any
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