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Originally Posted by DanaT View Post
They were not clear on why, they just said that due to changes in the new laws the plan is no longer available in 2014.

They said that we could go from a PPO to an HMO.

How the letter is worded, the new stuff is all HMO.
I think you should contact the insurance company directly, because I'm pretty sure you've got some of that incorrect.

Although, with the below information that you're working with BCBS CO, you may well be onto something. BCBS CO is part of Anthem BCBS, and they are, frankly, a horrible company to work with. Even working for another BCBS franchise, every single one of my co-workers absolutely dreaded having any dealings with any of the Anthem companies.

This is one of the shortcomings in the ACA: for-profit companies like Anthem spent a ton of money to keep out changes to allow interstate competition. Had it been allowed - like car insurance companies - it would have changed the whole playing field, but some companies didn't want to give up their pieces of the pie.

Originally Posted by DanaT View Post

"Small businesses and nonprofits know the ability to offer employees quality health insurance is a competitive advantage in the labor market."

Small business is defined in CO as under 1000 employees.
My apologies (sincerely). I don't know each individual state's set-ups, I was speaking about the way exchanges were planned under the ACA model. If the states have opened it up to small businesses, that's a different hill o' beans.

Any reason they set the number at 1000? Because small business is defined at 50 by the federal law.

Originally Posted by DanaT View Post
And all individual plans have been essentially cancelled. How else do you think they are paying for all of this?
Cancelled by whom, and for what reason? I've not heard of any place flat-out cancelling any and all private, individual health insurance plans.

Originally Posted by DanaT View Post
No. Sorry. I know every detail of the companies finances very well and I know what we paid per employee.
And, as I clearly stated, I said I was guessing. But if, as a company, the plan was only $600/month per employee TOTAL, you were due for a rate increase, at the very least, anyway.

Originally Posted by DanaT View Post
I wont get thrown out in cold. The company will compensate me for my insurance. Its the general employees that are taking the hit. And I am still deciding if the lower paid employees will be cut to 29 hours per week.
Ah, so you're on the other side of the equation. You're looking to find ways to save the company money, even if that means cutting hours and benefits to the employees so you don't have to deal with the health insurance.

Originally Posted by DanaT View Post
You dont get it. This is the employees heath insurance. I have no problems with my health insurance. There are no tax breaks for health insurance if you make over $50K.

I am not blaming someone else. I am telling you what decisions I am making in cutting benefits and hours.

My pay is heavily based off how much money the company makes. So if I will cut expenses where needed.

So, you're saying "I got mine, and I'll make sure I continue to get mine, and blame the government for all those under me that I have to strip away from."?
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