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I have a couple of honest questions, I'm not trying to argue, just looking for clarification:

Originally Posted by DanaT View Post
Although Obama promised that we could keep our insurance and doctors, it seems that BCBS seemed to think otherwise and sent us the letter last month that our insurance plan was cancelled.
What was the reason for the cancellation? BCBS cancelled the policy, not the government, so they had to have given a reason.

Originally Posted by DanaT View Post
So, the company was forced into the insurance exchange for the USA employees.
Companies don't use the exchanges. The exchanges are for individuals that don't have coverage through their employers, don't qualify for Medicare/Medicaid, and are unable to afford individual, private health insurance. I'm not sure how a company can be "forced" to use something they can't use.

Originally Posted by DanaT View Post
Well, it seems there are some "catches". First catch, no employee who makes over $50K is eligible for anything over the "bronze" (lowest level) of insurance. For this level, insurance has went from $600/month with BCBS (with a decent plan) to $1400 for almost no coverage.
I'm going to make a guess at something here, but I highly doubt your coverage through BCBS was $600 a month. That might have been the portion YOU were paying, but what was your employer paying? My health insurance (my share plus my employer's share) was well over that, and my employer was BCBS.

Originally Posted by DanaT View Post
So, now we are working with an insurance broker to find us something. His recommendations: drop all health coverage for employees. We are exempt from penalties for FY2014 and they will be small for FY2015. After that, he said it is cheaper to pay the penalties than offer insurance.
This is a valid option, but only one that your employer can make. If they decide they'd rather throw you out in the cold and pay the fine, then that's on them.

BTW, the fine for businesses was supposed to be higher than it is so it was a bigger incentive to maintain coverage for employees. The political right didn't like the additional burden on employees and forced changes to lower that penalty (then refused to vote for it anyway). So, for businesses that find this option attractive, that's because businesses were being protected like this when the law was crafted.

Originally Posted by DanaT View Post
Over $50K it doesnt seem to matter because that is the "threshold" where the business/individual cant avoid being screwed.

This is just amazing..
So, if you're making over $50,000, it would be an undue burden to purchase health insurance? Even with tax breaks to help cover such a circumstance if the employer isn't providing coverage? Or did no one tell you about those breaks because they want you to find someone to blame other than the employer for deciding to save themselves the headache by leaving you to fend for yourself?

What's amazing to me is that, with all your company is doing to their employees, you're still looking to stand up for them and blame someone else.
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