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Originally Posted by VN350X10 View Post
What I've seen on average is that the MORE a Glock is modified, the LESS RELIABLE it becomes. Do you really think that the aftermarket mfgr's. know more about the pistol than the people who have built MILLIONS of them?
I totally agree with the sentiment here but just want to point out that if you want to shoot high power 10mm loads that does change things a bit... Glock does not recommend high power loads and so does not design for their use. Tweaking the recoil spring weight can sometimes be beneficial in this case...

Overall, though, you are exactly right. I used to experiment with aftermarket internals (as a learning experiment mostly) and discovered quickly that these guns run best with stock internals. The only changes I make these days are those that affect ergos: Vickers extended slide stop, Grip Force adapter, Pearce grip extensions on my G29 and of course aftermarket sights

Originally Posted by VN350X10 View Post
Try the CCI Blazer 200 gr fmj aluminum case in a stock gun. It will run. This is the ammo that I always use for GSSF events because they are "lost brass" matches, and I have NEVER had a malfunction with it.
Cool - thanks for the tip!
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