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I read a lot of folks swapping out parts to get their Glocks to "work better"....
My G20 has worked correctly since about 1997, with the only change made being a custom fabricated (by me ) slide release, to make it easier with my small hands.
It has well over 20K rounds thru it, and it has malfunctioned 1 (ONE) time. My fault, I was shooting IDPA and was running a "gamer" load in it. So light, that it shot fine from the bench, but wouldn't function while firing while walking backwards.
I have worked in gunshops since 1996, and the majority of Glock malfunctions are caused by 2 common items :
1) Aftermarket springs & guide rods.

2) Improper (OVER) lubrication.

#3) on the list is crappy reloads.
The vast majority of guns work right out of the box, as shipped !
What is needed, is to shoot 500 rounds without cleaning, without stripping the gun down, and above all, LEAVE THE COPPER COLORED ANTI-SIEZE IN PLACE.
Don't clean & improve. Run a Bore-Snake thru the tube & SHOOT THE GUN.
What I've seen on average is that the MORE a Glock is modified, the LESS RELIABLE it becomes. Do you really think that the aftermarket mfgr's. know more about the pistol than the people who have built MILLIONS of them ?
I reallise that full power 10MM ammo is as scarce as a Dodo bird, but there are some loads out there that will run almost every 10MM known. Try the CCI Blazer 200 gr fmj aluminum case in a stock gun. It will run. This is the ammo that I always use for GSSF events because they are "lost brass" matches, and I have NEVER had a malfunction with it. I've shot it in my S&W 1006 & 1076, I've run it thru 1911's in 10MM, and it works in every pistol I've tried it in. I've even seen a gent using it in his Bren 10, and guess what, it works.
If all else fails, read the owners manual !
Don't go "improving" your firearm to the whims of some internet commando.

And yes, I HAVE built modified Glocks, shooting USPSA with a custom built G34.
Open division, Major 9mm, 2 1/4# trigger pull that hasen't changed in over 5K rounds, custom fabricated optic mount (nothing against Bobby Carver, I just had a different idea) and a self designed/built comp.
Now if I could just shoot as good as the gun can, I'd be fine ! Oh yeah, we get 34 rounds in the 170mm magazine, custom built follower. And the Glock works just FINE, no "jam&slam" like the .38 super crowd.

uncle albert
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