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Originally Posted by TexAg View Post
Interesting. I'd performed the test except I had the pistol pointed horizontally or down, but with it pointed up it failed to close. Rediculously weak spring from the factory? I guess so. Guess I'll go with the Wolff springs earlier than I expected. 22lbs?
There are two times my G20 is not 100%. One is with a 22# spring and heavy/hot ammo. I also have a mag that gives a misfeed about 1 out of every 200 rounds. Otherwise it is virtually flawless. I'd first get a stock recoil spring assembly - or follow Glock's lead.

I'd look to getting the stock setup ironed out first. It should work reliably right out of the box. You might or might not later decide to go aftermarket with things, but the gun should run right without swapping parts.

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