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I firmly believe that full 10mm power is counterproductive for personal defense against humans. It's not going fast enough for TSC to be a significant wounding mechanism and the slower, moderate 10mm velocities are plenty to get good expansion and penetration. The extra velocity of 10mm over .40 S&W does help with a flatter trajectory, which could help in the extremely unlikely situation where you need to use a handgun to defend yourself or others at 100 yards or so.

That's why my personal defense load is a 165 gr Gold Dot at 1,300 fps. That's fast enough to be really flat but the recoil isn't unmanageable and it's nowhere near nookular. I might even back it off to 1,250 or so.

The 165 gr Critical Defense load performed very well with big expansion and adequate penetration, even at a moderate velocity.

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