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Originally Posted by Sharkey View Post
Out with the wife. DVR set. Do I watch SOA or Tosh first???
Tosh. Wait 7 minutes, watch Tosh. FF thru commercials. At the end of Tosh, watch SOA, commercial free.

Originally Posted by Radam3 View Post
I think that is going to lead to the club's "out" for what he is doing to the club.
Yes! He's going down at some point. I can't stand that guy anyhow. I've never liked any role he plays. Sort of like Jeremy Irons. I'm sure he's a great actor and a wonderful human being - but I HATE EVERY CHARACTER I've seen him play.

Good start to the season. But the typical "stay away, you can't help" them is going to get old. Everyone stays away from everyone, tries to make their own decisions, and then after it all turns to S-word, they get together, realize they SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN TOGETHER IN THE FIRST PLACE, and move on. Do they have to keep learning the same lesson over and over again???

And what's Jax REALLY gonna do with Tiggy????
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