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Originally Posted by steve4102 View Post
A lot of times that easier said than done. Load data varies from one data source to the next often times it is impossible.

For example.

Hodgdon data. 223 Rem, 60gr Hornady V-Max, 2.250 OAL.
Varget Powder, Start=25gr, Max=27.0gr.

Hornady Data. 223 Rem, 60gr Hornady V-Max, 2.250 OAL.
Varget Powder, Start=21.7gr, Max=24.9gr.

It is not uncommon to find a situation like this where the Max charge in one manual is less than the "Start" charge in another. Same bullet, same OAL, same powder, yet completely different results.

As I said, staying within book data is often time difficult if not impossible. Quickload is certainly not perfect, but neither are the loading manuals.
Where exp comes in. When I am going to a new bullet/powder or calibner combo, I use avg book data & work up. Using a chrono, comparing vel to book data, modififed for bbl length of course, it's a safe way to work up loads w/ no guessing involved. Like data manuals, LQ is another good tool, but not to be trusted as the final word.
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