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Originally Posted by themighty9mm View Post
And this is exactly where I ran into issues. Of my three manuals, the two that had relevant info in them are in a very similar situatioin to as you described. Though I did not see any pressure signs in the cases or primers. I have decided to back off the powder charge, and in this case ignore the lyman data. (Even though the lyman data shows I am well within what is acceptable) Instead I will listen to speer. With the quickload showing near identical velocities, and telling me. "hey, you are pushing the upper limit, watch yourself". I will go ahead and listen to it as well. As it also apparently seems to support what speer is telling me.

I did not know about the quickload program before. First time I had heard of it
I would not listen to "Speer" or "Lyman" or anyone but Accurate Powders when it comes to 2230.

Like I said earlier, 2230 has changed in the past few years and most all data is obsolete except for Accurate/Ramshot/Western Powders.

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