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Originally Posted by BlackPaladin View Post
It does not take much to make the Taser not work as we wish it would. My money is at "only one effective dart." I had a VERY sucessful Tasering, which ultimately saved the BGs life, since lethal force may have been the next step. In my story, the BG was sitting behind the wheel of my police car, not moving a great deal at that time. I was able to get the top dart into the upper shoulder and the bottom into his side.

The Taser does not work if the dart placement is not good.

I can't open the link for some reason, but unless this was an X2, I assume that the officer got stun driven?
Was you letting him take your car for a spin? . Had to say it sorry.

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Every time an officer accepts or receives a warning, someone in GNG poops their pants.
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