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Originally Posted by Landsharkleather View Post
I tried but there is not much I could find with specific details of how to.
It's a very scary thing, and not advised, to attempt this sort of thing if you've never done anything like this before and/or are not "good with your hands".

I will say that if you're going to try to employ the candle method, sanding down the blackstrap is going to significantly weaken that area beacause to sand down enough to flatten it out for stippling, you'll have to remove a lot of material.

Actually, from my experience, what most people do in this situation is to employ a soldering iron to smooth down (using the side of the pointed tip), and even out the checkering on the blackstrap, then sand (only to smooth, not necessarily remove material) it down a bit, then stipple. This way, you lose no material, it's just "redistributed" so to speak. That's exactly what I did when performing my last GR. The same would apply to the front checkering between the finger grooves.

Personally, had I the funds, I would go with a pro 99% of the time even though it usually costs a pretty penny. That way you're absolutely assured that you're not going to regret what you've done. Personally, I have enough confidence to pull of a good GR, and so, I don't go the pro route (I can't afford it either). Even though I can pull it off myself, we're it not for California laws (having to go through an ffl both ways), I'd consider the pro route myself half of the time.

Btw, have you seen my post of the "paradigm/Robar" backs traps? If you decide to pay to have something done, to me, this looks like a great option.
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