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Originally Posted by themighty9mm View Post
I keep hearing this word swag. What on earth does it mean? I'm only 27 and have no clue what it means. I used to know all the cool kid words. Am I getting old? I even heard my son who is 7 say it.

It does indeed list it. Guess I forgot about that part. Or started to discredit it due to the somewhat drastic difference in info.
Scientific Wild ___ Guess

If the manuals are showing you different things, you need to remember that powder charge is only one part of the equation. Look at the brass they used, the primer, the test barrel (they are probably testing a 24" barrel and you're shooting a 16" barrel), bullet shape / weight, seating depth... all have an effect on the pressure (well, not barrel length... but it does impact velocity).

What velocity are you looking for? My plinker 55 grain load only does 2,850... which is what PMC, American Eagle or Wolf ammo is going to get. You just aren't going to get to 3,000 fps with that bullet and a 16" barrel. Don't go chasin' nato loads with canister powders... particularly not with a fast burning powder like AA2230. I my opinion, 2230 is just about right for 50 grain bullets and below. Get into the heavier bullets and you want a slower powder.

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