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Originally Posted by GIockGuy24 View Post
The SS109 bullet is about the same length as the 68/69 grain bullets. I usually start with 68/69 grain load data for SS109 bullets. Their lighter weight does allow them to be pushed a bit faster than the heavier lead core bullets, which can allow the use of SLIGHTLY more powder but I'm not sure it's worth pushing it. Accurate Powder has M855 load data for A2230 for both 223 Remington SAAMI chambers and AR15 chambers.

The load data for the Speer 62 FMJ lead core bullet works too. Some of the Lyman load data is a bit dated. The Hornady load guide seems to be one of the most updated for popular calibers, if you get the latest version.
According to this information I am right in the middle ish, lyman I am on the low end. And I misthought earlier. It was the speer manual that stated 24.0 gr as the max. My hornaday manual shows no information. I have 3 manuals. I fallow them very closely. I tend to avoid the max. But following speers information, according to my chronograph. The velocities were pathetically slow and to me was just unacceptable. I'm not a speed freak by any means. My handgun ammo for the most part just barely functions my semi autos, but gives good accuracy. My rifle ammo has always stayed in the middle ish. I had never run into such drastically different info in my manuals before. Different information, yes. But not to the point of this.

So between 3 loading manuals, a chronograph, 6ish years experience. I learned something... I think I need some more loading manuals
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