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Laphroiag Quater Cask is my personal favorite. Like the 10 too but the quarter has that slight bit more touch of vanilla sweet to it. I've got a bottle of the Triple Wood and 18, but I agree with an earlier comment. They are getting too soft, especially the 18. Far too pricey too for me to ever buy them again.

If I want something sweeter I go with Dalmore or maybe LaSanta. Glenfarclass is a real good single for when I want a dram of something down the middle. Like when I'm not hankerin' one extreme or the other.

A couple weeks ago I tried the Balvanie Doublewood 12. Wow. I was really surprised by the multiple layers and complexity. Too bad it's so expensive, for me anyway. From now on I will ALWAYS have a bottle of it on hand. But I'll be drinking it sparingly.
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