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Originally Posted by F106 Fan View Post
The hobby reloader has NO way to measure or estimate pressure. There are some signs of overpressure but by the time they show up, you are probably about 20% over.

Read, starting on page 59 of Speer #14, about the voodoo of reading overpressure signs. If they can't do it, there isn't much hope for the rest of us!

You can look for signs of difficult extraction, bulged cases, flattened primers but these occur when vastly overpessure. Except flattened primers. Federal primers will flatten in a light wind.

So, take your reloading data seriously, decide on who you trust and go for it. Very few manuals publish pressure for their reloads. I might lend more credence to those who do. They might have actually measured something.

OTOH, why load anywhere near max? If you need more velocity, change powders. The most accurate loads will be at mid-range anyway. Take a look at the Sierra load for the .308 175 gr BTHP. Their accuracy load has a muzzle velocity of 2400 fps and I only get about 2300 fps out of my 20" barrel. But it's superbly accurate!

BTW, there is some instrumentation available to measure rifle pressures at significant extra additional expense.

This was more of an availability purchase. I was using ramshot tac. But my stash of that is pretty much depleted. I was kinda caught with my pants down. At least as far as rifle powder goes. Picked up some aa2230 at a spot on price and in a quantity that would keep me shooting for a bit. Never really ran into such vastly different data in my manuals before. So it got me thinking about the current question. In the hornday manual 24 is max, in the lyman 24 is pretty much low mid range IIRC

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