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Originally Posted by M&P15T View Post
FWIW, I now believe that we are absolutely going to go into Syria, and it's going to involve troops on the ground. With WMDs and al Qaeda involved in the situation, we're going to go in sharp and hard.
Yep, I've said it in other posts. There will be reasons (excuses) for which we will need an ever-increasing military presence in Syria. It's the same script that's been used forever and people continually fall for it.
Incremental rises in troop numbers happened in Vietnam and Iraq, it's how it's sold.
Just like gun control; "we only want to make the streets safe by taking away full auto guns. That way gangsters won't play shoot 'em up on the streets." Knowing full well that the ultimate goal is disarmament.

Originally Posted by M&P15T View Post
Basically we will have two ways of getting oil to Europe and the U.S., lessening the cost of shipping oil.
Funny thing is, people were wondering why France was on board. It's because this proposed pipeline will lower fuel costs in Europe. It actually does nothing for us.
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