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Buy A G26 Or a 40-9 conversion for the 27?

The thread title pretty much says it all. I purchased a G26 Gen 4 for the better half and she loves the gun. Problem is so do I. I am pretty invested in the G27 Gen 4 I have because I have a ton of 40 mags for it and my G23. I also have a .357 G32 barrel that I run in both .40 guns occasionally. Additionally the G27 Gen 4 has TFO night sights on it which I really love.

I am considering the benefits of us sharing carry ammo, mags, and the fact that if we were both carrying the same guns this could come in handy.

My main reason for this is the ability to have guns in 9mm, 40s&w, .357 sig, and 10mm.

What say you GT fellas?

Regards, GMB
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