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Originally Posted by lawman800 View Post
Horizontal with the opening facing the buckle. I only saw 1 other guy carry this way in my many years. It's what I have done since the academy and the only way I am used to. Tried the vertical but doesn't feel good and many of the "cool" dudes here also carry horizontal but face the opening of the pouch outward. That is actually almost as common as carrying it vertically.

I use my left thumb to hook the flap and undo the snap button and grab the downward facing magazine out in 1 sweeping motion from out to in and come up with the left index finger on the front of the magazine butt plate which makes it intuitive to insert the mag into the magwell. Very fast for me but it's all muscle memory.
That's the exact way I used to carry them. I was very quick on the reload from that position. Now that I am running them vertical for a couple of years, I have become much more comfortable with the change. I'll tell you though. The first few times I trained with the pouches vertical, my hand automatically went to where the pouch had been so many years. I practiced in my living room and at the range for hours before getting comfortable with the switch.
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