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1991 Toyota Corolla 5 speed. I drove it six days until I wrecked it.

Then I got a 1981 Cadilac Eldorado(in 2002). It was a boat and got 8-12 mpg with 93 octane gas or it pinged. Gas was like 1.25 a gallon so it didn't matter.

It had a big old back seat and was all leather inside. It was white and beautiful. I dressed up as a pimp in a 1970's leisure suit I got at Salvation Army for Halloween my senior year. I picked up a couple hoe's and had a great halloween. It was an amazing car, then I got a Jeep Wrangler.

I got the Caddy brutally stuck by myself on some snow/ice and it took me 6 hours with a shovel to chip/dig myself out. I vowed from that day forth never to own another 2wd as my only means of transportation. That was 11 years ago and I stuck to it. Drove Wranglers for 10 years and now I have a Subaru.
"Love is when you feel the same way about a person as you do about your motorcycle."
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