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Originally Posted by RWBlue View Post
I have heard what you are saying and I have heard people injecting it because it is a better rush. Since I am not a drugy, I don't know if injecting your junk is a better rush or not, but the stories are out there by people which could inject other spots.

Perhaps, but...
Some years ago I dated an RN who was also trained as a substance-abuse counselor.

The "rush" is when the heroin reaches the brain.

I don't know how the specific injection site enters into the equation, except that a larger vein with more direct route to the brain probably makes some difference, at least initially.

I don't know enough about the vascular system to know how direct that particular vein would be, don't care enough to research it.

There are of course a number of medical professionals here at GT.
We'll probably hear from one or more.
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