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Originally Posted by Fear Night View Post
It depends. The doctors I know, some of which are in my wife's family, will just throw their hands up in frustration with anything related to technology. Some can't even figure out how to sync their iPhone to their PC, or clear a paper jam, let alone get into the engineering side of technology. I can assure you these individuals wished their could work well with technology, but they are forced to seek outside help.

Open up Eclipse and tell them to code a "Hello World" program, which would be a complete laughable joke for any engineer, and they would probably throw the monitor out the window.

Their minds would be blown if they knew just how deep that rabbit hole goes. When I try to explain to them what I do at work, I just get a blank stare like what I said went right over their head.
Yeah, but there are no Engineer license plates. Nor do you hear, "Oh my God. This man has collapsed. Call an Engineer!"

To the original question: Me duznt now.
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