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Intelligence is the limit on how much you can be taught. Education is teaching you the stuff.

Think of it like this - intelligence is the size of the glass, and with education you fill the glass.

However, I believe there are several different types of intelligence. There are probably doctors who could describe every aspect of the human heart, and diagnose and (within current technology) cure any disease or condition affecting it. However, they probably could not change their own oil or wire a house. Likewise, there are probably very brilliant automotive engineers out there that do not change their own oil or even work on their own car. My own brother-in-law is a controls electrician, but doesn't like to mess with house wiring.

But that begs the question - is it because they cannot figure it out, or is it because they are wealthy enough to pay someone else to do it, too busy to have time to do it, and don't have any interest in doing it themselves? Mechanical things (for the doctor example) just don't interest everybody. And perhaps the engineer just doesn't want to do it.

There are a few things I pay to have done that I could do myself, just because I don't want to do it.
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