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Originally Posted by byf43 View Post

158 grain projectiles.

Great combinations!

This combination has worked for me also, for the last 40 years. I have in the past ventured down other paths but always returned to the Unique/2400 philophisy ........

I have tried all the various bullet weights also, now it is 110 Grain+p Corbon DPX for snubbies & 158 Grain+p LSWCHP in all other .38 Specials for Defensive Carry in Urban areas, .357 Magnums get 140 Grain DPX for all carry. ALL practice ammunition is personally cast 158 Grain SWC over 5.0 Grain of Unique for the .38s & 13.5 Grains of 2400 for .357s.

FWIW, I live smack dab in the middle of the Condor Zone in the Southern Sierras, so any venture away from the cabin into the back country entails Lead Free in carry guns, including long arms .... ( To Avoid Conflict with the Fish Cops .... ) YMMV

P.S. I have aquired a good quantity of both 110 Grain & 140 Grain Barnes DPX Projectiles and am experimenting with AA#9 in both calibers ..... so far it has been positive, though all my carry ammo is still Factory at this point.
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