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Originally Posted by Beanie-Bean View Post
Excellent pistol, for sure--I've just rotated mine (G30SF) out for this week, as the G27 Gen4 is my carry pistol this week. I really like carrying the subcompact Glocks, and they do classify the G29/G30 as subcompacts, even though they are bigger than the others. Still, it is good to know that there is a heavyweight punch you can carry around with either 10mm or .45ACP if you choose.
How about that? I rotate as well, except I'll do the 30SF for a few days, then rotate to my Gen4 G26. They're both outstanding little guns. I, too, wish they'd been around about 20 years ago. Better late than never. I can't figure out how they can make little bitsy guns like these so damned accurate! Not to mention totally reliable.

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