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Originally Posted by Diesel McBadass View Post
Yes being a younger guy older people always tell me how my stuff is bad and what they used to do, and it seems like there looking back through a filter.

I always love the "we weren't playing video games we were outside every day all the time." Then i bring up what they did during downpours, blizzards, ice storms and other greatest hits of the northeast's bipolar weather, they say they still went out. Then I ask them their favorite T.V. shows were and they name a million, so obviously they were inside watching tv not playing outside.

Or the we walked everywhere uphill both ways nosnsense. Busses existed if you lived in a city.

Whats your favorite things you were told.?
Back in my day, we didn't have the internet, so we talked to real people, face to face. That's where we learned that (a) if a guy says "every day all the time" we didn't prove him wrong by arguing that he went inside to watch TV at night, like it's literal. Then, if we did take a guy's hyperbole literally, we didn't turn around in the same breath and claim he named "a million" favorite shows. And (b) we also had math in school, so we realized that if a guy is 50 and names 20 shows he liked back in the day, that's not much TV. I spent years of my childhood with no television, but I can still name plenty of favorite shows. And yes, we went out in all weather. It's no BS that kids and young adults today are very noticeably more delicate.
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