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Originally Posted by Diesel McBadass View Post
Yes being a younger guy older people always tell me how my stuff is bad and what they used to do, and it seems like there looking back through a filter.

I always love the "we weren't playing video games we were outside every day all the time." Then i bring up what they did during downpours, blizzards, ice storms and other greatest hits of the northeast's bipolar weather, they say they still went out. Then I ask them their favorite T.V. shows were and they name a million, so obviously they were inside watching tv not playing outside.

Or the we walked everywhere uphill both ways nosnsense. Busses existed if you lived in a city.

Whats your favorite things you were told.?
Rabbi is right. The opportunities for digital entertainment were limited back "in my day". :p

I swam all summer, and rode my bike year round, unless it was snowing. There were always touch football, stickball, or street hockey games to play. I hardly ever see a large group of kids playing these games, it is always groups of 3 or 4. We would have hockey games with two lines per team.

I think living in Philadelphia played a big part in it. We could walk or bike a short distance and run into kids we knew. Living in the suburbs is different. Kids lives seem more structured here. Everything is scheduled for them.

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Don't forget that everything we know is being filtered through the media which is like playing a game of telephone with mentally challenged people in the middle.
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