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They aren't lying about it. We really did play outside pretty much all day, winter, spring, summer, and fall. Of course we had school and I did lots of inside stuff too. But TV? Yeah, sometimes. I had certain shows I tried to watch and would get up at 6:00 AM to watch Saturday morning cartoons. After about 9:30 the good ones were over so we'd head outside to play. I read the entire World Book Encyclopedia when I was in 5th grade. I built model airplanes (these actually flew and had internal combustion motors) and also built a rubber-band powered helicopter of my own design. I'd enter contests of all sorts, like one that was a contest to see who could build a rubber-band powered car that went the furthest (got 3rd place in my school district.)

I played Little League, started on my grade school and middle school basketball team, shot hoops out on our driveway, played pickup baseball games all the time, made rockets and rocket-powered cars, jump my bicycle off sweet ramps, made my own stilts, made many custom kites and would sell those (along with my rubber-band powered helicopters, those where very popular.) I even made cardboard Star Trek communicators, phasors, and Tricorders and sold them at school for 50 cents each. I did that when I was about 7.

First video game I played was Pong. My mother's father gave it to us for Christmas. Got bored with it within a day or two. Later I did become somewhat addicted to Pac Man, Joust, and Gallaga but even so you had to leave the house to play them.
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