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Originally Posted by DaleGribble View Post
No, he's not. He didn't have an ACOG, he said he wanted one but it's not going to happen. So a logical person would assume he's going from iron sights to an optic within his budget. Gotta read between the lines...

Ok seriously, it's a good optic for range use. I tried one, liked enough to use it but I think you would be better served with a budget optic from Primary Arms which is cheaper to begin with.
Sorry, allow me to clarify -

The OP went from wanting to buy a top end, magnified, combat proven optic to wanting to buy a budget (at best) unmagnified red dot. That's a pretty serious swing from one end of the spectrum to the other.

Meanwhile, if I had to buy a budget optic for a range toy, it would be Primary Arms. If it's going on a SD/HD/duty type of gun, then it's Aimpoint. The PRO can be had for under $400.
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