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I too thought that the HD7 was the ideal budget optic. However, using it quickly proved that it was anything but.

First of all, the HD7 is heavy. It weighs nearly a pound and its mass is quite noticeable, despite its position on the gun. It is big too, and has a narrow FOV. You will find that the knobs protrude much too far into your line of sight.

The glass also has an annoying green glare to it that affects your target discrimination in low light conditions. And in very bright sunlight, the dot reticle will wash out.

The battery life is not nearly as long as advertised, maybe about half on the higher brightness settings.


As for its durability, it is better than most budget optics, but it's not an Aimpoint. I accidentally knocked my rifle off of a friend's tailgate and it landed onto soft dirt. When I picked it up, the top adjustment turret was slightly bent and was difficult to adjust, but still worked.

I'll admit, it survived quite a few carbine courses and about 2K rounds of range work on my BCM 16" middy, but failed shortly after I moved it to my 15-22.

I had been plinking in my backyard during a light rain shower and decided, for kicks, to test its water resistant claims. So I removed it from the rifle and put it in a bucket of water for about 3 hours (and yes, I did make certain that the o-ring was in place and tight). When I removed it, the brightness setting would no longer change and was stuck on maximum. I was also unable to turn it off, except by removing the battery. Otherwise, it functions and zeroes normally.

I got it just over a year ago, and it still works to this day. I'll probably send it back to Lucid at some point, but after buying another Aimpoint Pro for the S&W, I probably won't use it again in the distant future.

Just my personal experience.

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