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Originally Posted by WoodenPlank View Post
So you're going from a fixed power, magnified optic with an excellent track record to looking at an unmagnified budget red dot?
No, he's not. He didn't have an ACOG, he said he wanted one but it's not going to happen. So a logical person would assume he's going from iron sights to an optic within his budget. Gotta read between the lines...

As for the original question, Vanman dude, are you nuts? You'll be in the "ghan and your optic will fail and then hadji will be passin you around to his bearded buddies to use as a love muffin in exchange for some opium. Don't do it. Save your money and be hard core with an Acog. I heard that was what Rambo and Hathcock used in "Nam so if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for you. "MERICA!!! **** YEAH!!!!

Ok seriously, it's a good optic for range use. I tried one, liked enough to use it but I think you would be better served with a budget optic from Primary Arms which is cheaper to begin with.
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