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my parents hurt my feelings last night

I'm going to be the first to say I sound very ungrateful and probably am.

My 40th B-day was yesterday. My parents met my wife and I for dinner and at the last minute my brother and niece came along (sister in law was too tired). My brother gave me $40 and my parents gave me $200. Pretty good huh?

The part were I was hurt was for my brother's 40th a few years back I remember my dad telling me how special this was, a big deal and wanted to get my brother something to remember. He got a Colt AR15, which i hope he will treasure forever.

I guess I had my hopes up of getting something special, something to remember, and something to cherish as a special gift from my parents on one of life's milestones, I got $200 cash.

Its not the money, my wife and I make a lot of money and a $1500 rifle or gift would make no difference in our lives, its hurt I feel that my brother's 40th was a day to recognize, plan for, consult with family members on what would make it memorable, mine was no big deal.

On our 18th B-Days my Dad bought my brother and I Colt Gold Cups. Its one of my most treasured processions, one of only 2 guns I own that are not for sale (my brother sold his a few years ago) I guess I was hoping for a third gun or something else that I could add to the list of "Not for Sale"

I keep telling myself my gift was my parents are both healthy and were able to join me for my 40th. Several friends did not get to celebrate their 20th, 30th or 40th with their parents still alive and that should be my gift.

My parents and I have a good relationship. My wife and I always spend our vacation with them. We all leave for a 2 week vacation to Austria and Switzerland next week.

Its amazing that at age 40 both my brother are successful happy men with families and yet that childhood "mom and dad loves me best" rivalry is present.
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